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Plastic Union : manufacturer of 100% recyclable packaging

Plastic Union is a manufacturer of mission_1.jpg polyethylene packaging film for automatic packaging machines. mission_2.jpg The company is fully integrated from the plastic granule to the finished product and produces only 100% recyclable packaging mission_3.jpg Most of its products can be manufactured with recycled or bio-based raw materials mission_4.jpg

Plastic pellets
custom_1.jpgPlastic pelletPlastic pellet

Production on demand

You decide how your product will look like and we execute it! For each application we have different qualities in our range in order to meet your needs as much as possible. Do you want a very nice packaging or rather a very strong packaging or do you want both? No problem, we have the right film for you !

Plastic pellet


Stretch hood

In 2005 Plastic Union was the first Belgian company to start the production of stretch hood films. In the meantime Plastic Union has become one of the world players in the field of stretch hood films. If you want your packaging to meet the Eumos standard, we will guide you to the ideal stretch hood quality to achieve this goal.

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CX-3M Shrink film

This film has been optimised to be very strong, fast weldable, fast shrinkable and crystal clear.

Applicable in all fields and on most packaging machines.

Thinner films are cheaper films and you pay less packaging taxes on them !

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The best choice for environmentally friendly packaging is to use recycled material. Any film that returns to the recycling mill does not end up on land or sea, does not have to be mined and refined from oil, but is simply reused !

PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled material, PIR for Post Industrial Recycled material, both options are possible.

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BIO-X Film

If the use of recycled material is not an option for you but you still want an environmentally friendly packaging, then the BIO-X foil is a solution for you. These foils are not made from oil but are made from a renewable source. Most of our foils can also be delivered in a BIO version.

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200 lpi in flexo !

Do you want the finest print with the most contrast to make your packaging as attractive as possible ? We print up to 200 lpi in flexo ! This is the quality of helio printing at the price of flexo printing !

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Als fabrikant van recycleerbare plastic verpakkingen is Plastic Union uw partner voor diverse verpakkingen op maat. Gespecialiseerd in ecologische verpakkingen brengt Plastic Union duurzame verpakkingsoplossingen. Zo kan u bij ons terecht voor krimpfolie verpakkingsfolie in grote oplages voor bijvoorbeeld verpakken van flessen en palletten. Onze krimpfolie toepassingen zijn geschikt voor diverse innovatieve verpakkingen en onze recycleerbare krimpfolie is een duurzame investering voor de toekomst. Ook voor buisfolie in bulk voor diverse verpakkingstoepassingen kan u bij ons terecht. Om sterke buisfolie te kopen ben je bij ons aan het goede adres. Ontdek er onder meer ook de vele kwaliteiten van PE folie als verpakkingsmateriaal. Maar u kan er ook plastic zakken kopen in bulk bij Plastic Union, groothandel in verpakkingsmaterialen, uw partner om kwalitatieve plastic zakken te kopen