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Stretch hood

Plastic Union was the first belgian producer of stretch hood tube. After more than 20 years of manufacturing the company has been able to take an important market share on the european market.

Stretch hood is an elastic tube that is applied on object by stretch it and applying it the same way as nylon sockets by a specific machine, the stretch hooder.

In the beginning the only application was the hooding of pallets, but with the years we see the number of applications increase.  Today stretch hood is also used for bundling of object, like isolation panels and for individual packaging like big texitile reels.


The TOPFlex stretch hood film is the most sold stretch hood type of our range.

The elasticity of the TOPFlex stretch hood film can be modulated : Low Stretch (LS), Medium Stretch (MS) and High Stretch (HS).

The TOPFlex stretch hood film works well on all stretch hooders and can be used for all possible applications.  The stretch hood film works as well in cold as in hot environment.

The TOPFlex Stretch hood tube is 100% recyclable.



The Mevastretch stretch hood tube is a stander stretch hood type.

Its works well for most of the standard applications but is limited in elasticity and in its resistance against perforation of very sharp objects.

The Mevastretch stretch hood is a cheap film what make of him a good match for easy standard applciations.

The Mevastretch hood tube is 100% recyclable



UltraFlex stretch hood tube is a high end stretch hood tube form demanding applications.

It's the most elastic stretch hood that also has the most elastic memory.

The film is not the cheapest but has the advantage that it is 100% recyclable and that it can contain up to 30% of recycled material (only PIR).


Specifications for stretch hood

Widthfor half europallets up to triple europallets
Thicknessfrom 20µM up to 180µM
Formtube, flat or folded
TypeTOPFlex, UltraFlex, MevaStretch
Printingup to 8 colors 2 sides
Colortransparant of ingekleurd

Stretch hoodApplications


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