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Bagging film for automated packaging

Plastic Union produces completely integrated automated bagging packaging films

For automated bagging of goods generally flat film or tube film is used.  The packaging machine takes the film, makes a bag by sealing and folding, fills the bag and then put the final seal in order to close the bag.  This type of packaging film is also known as FFS : Fill, Form and Seal.

We produce this packaging films for various markets, as well food as non food, going from a packaging of a dozen of gram up to 50KG per packaging.

The most important properties of these films is the sealabily and it's mechanical properties for heavy duty packaging.

For B2C applications the visual properties of the film are also very important.



If your packaging needs to be very strong then the LDPE CX3-M² is without any doubt the best choice.

LDPE CX-3M² film is typically used for packaging of 15 up to 50 KG or for baling applications.

It's very hard to get trough the LDPE CX3-M² film, so you bag will stay intact when he is taken by one of your customers.

The LDPE CX3-M² film has very good sealing properties, is 100% recyclable and can be used with up to 35% of recycled material.



The OptiFreez film is optimised on its optical properties and is often used to pack frozen food.

The OptiFreez film is much stronger than a classical LDPE film and so can be used much thinner for a same application.  This gives you a cheaper packaging and also a more ecological packaging, thanks to its lighter weight.

The OptiFreez has an exhaustive hot tack, this means that the film seals very quickly and that its seals are very strong and waterproof.  This film is the ideal choice for all packaging machines that run at very high rates, eventually in frozen environment.  It can also be used to pack liquids.

The OptiFreez film is 100% recyclable and can be produced with up to 65% recycled material (PIR or PCR).


Standard LDPE

Standaard LDPE heeft goede optische eigenschappen en goede laseigenschappen en verwerkt zich gemakkelijk of de meeste verpakkingsmachines.

De folie is relatief goedkoop, 100% recycleerbaar en kan ook gemaakt worden met tot 100% gerecycleerd materiaal (PIR en/of PCR)


Specifications for bagging film for automated packaging

Widthfrom 100MM up to 2600MM
Thicknessfrom 15µM up to 200 µM
Formin tube, flat our folded
TypeLDPE, LDPE+, OptiFreez, CX3-M²
Perforationsmicro or macro perforations
Printingup to 8 colours
ColorTransparent or colored

PE bagging filmApplications

Frozen food
Packing of gravel
Potting soil

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