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Shrink film

Plastic Union produces shrink film from the granule to the finished product.

By heating the shrink film it shrinks nicely around the package making a beautifull and professional packaging.  Shrink film is used on large scale to bundle products together like beverages, canned vegeteables, boxes, ...  Shrink film can also be used the pack very big objects like palets (shrink hoods).

Shrinkfilm is generaly applied with a specific machine, but it can also be done manually by the use of a shrink gun.

Plastic Union produces shrink film for all machine kinds and has an appropriate quality for each application : BIO shrink film, shrink film made with recycled material, ultra transparent and glossy shrink film, reinforced shrink film, ...


A very glossy and transparent film, often used for printed shrink films.

The film is very strong and can be used at a thinner gauge.  He is also often used on machines that pack at very high rates because the sealing properties of the film are outstanding.

It's possible to include recycled material into the film (PIR or PCR).



A reinforced shrink film often used in industrial applications.

It's mecanical properties are very close to the the CX3-M shrink film, but its optical properties are less good.

The film has the advantage that more recycled material can be included into the film (PIR or PCR)


LDPE Standard

Standard LDPE shrinkfilm is an easy to use shrink film and is quite cheap.  The mechanical and optical properties are average.  The shrinking capabilities are high.


Specifications for shrink film

Widthfrom 50 to 2600 MM flat
Thicknessfrom 20 µM to 200 µM
Formflat, folded our in tube
Typemono-axial or bi-axial
Perforationswith our without
Printingwith or without print
Colortransparent ou colored

PE Shrink filmApplications

Bundling film
Individual packaging
Palette shrink hood

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