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Ecological packaging films

All packaging films produced by Plastic Union are 100% recyclable.

In addition, they can also be obtained in bio-based, degradable version or made with recycled materials.

When we speak of ecological films, most people spontaneously think of bio-degradable films. But are these bio-degradable films really that environmentally friendly ? And does it really exist ?

The term bio-degradable consists of two concepts : bio and degradable.

"Bio" means that the product is not made from oil derivatives, but from a renewable resource. A film can be called bio when it contains at least 20% renewable material.

"Degradable" means that the film decomposes in a short period of time, this decomposition can occur in several ways.

A bio film is not necessarily degradable, and a degradable film is not necessarily bio.

Bio-degradable in the sense that you can throw it into nature like a banana peel does not exist. Any degradation only occurs under certain conditions.

With compostable films, the film only degrades if it ends up in a compost environment, and even then, the reaction is never 100%, there is always a residual fraction that remains.

With oxo-degradable films, the film crumbles into chunks and finally into dust, but it doesn't really disappear, worse, they are microplastics that remain in nature.

When degraded in landfill the film can be eaten by microorganisms by adding specific additives, however landfilling is also out of date, there are better solutions for revalorizing our waste.

According to Plastic Union, the least environmentally damaging packaging is packaging made with recycled material.

In our opinion, using recycled material is the least environmentally damaging because :

> Each kg of recycled material does not have to be mined

> Each kg of recycled material has not ended up in nature in its previous life cycle

> If everyone claims recycled material in their product, the demand for recyclate increases and so does its value. If its value increases, there will be less tendency to throw away or not recycle plastic.

If you opt for recyclable film made from recycled material, you still have the choice between using Post Industrial Recycled material (PIR) and Post Consumer Recycled material (PCR).

Plastic Union offers the following films with less environmental impact

1) Reinforced films to make your packaging as light as possible

2) Films made with recycled material

3) Films made with renewable material (BIO-X)

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